Photo by  Ashley Sullivan . 

Photo by Ashley Sullivan

Hello! Welcome to my blog! For those who know me personally, I have a lot of thoughts about a variety of topics and I'm usually never at a loss for words. My hope in starting a blog is to cover a broad range of topics, even those beyond my typical professional focus in education or Generation Z.

Don't worry, you'll still get some of that goodness, but I will also be running with some others topics I care about. Here's a glimpse of what you can expect:

  • Window Seat Stories: I'm a proud frequent flier, terminal jogger, and visitor of cool places. I'm blessed that work and my travel itch make it possible. I'll be sharing my stories of the cool places I go, things to do, and travel tips. 
  • People on Planes: Along with my travels, I often meet or witness really interesting people. I'm constantly amazed at what you can learn from a stranger. In this series, I'll be sharing those stories and lessons--anonymously of course! 
  • Nouns I Love: I know I'm not Oprah, but I'd still love to share with you the people, places, and things I love. Be it a new product, show, or mindset, if I love it, I want you to know about it. Hey, maybe you'll love it too!
  • Page Turners: In every attempt to be Hermione Granger, I want to chat about some of my favorite books with you. I'm a big believer that books are one of the greatest things we can share with each other so I can't wait to tell you about the books I love, what I've learned, and why you should pick up a copy.  
  • Eats and Beats: My mind is pretty much always on my next meal. I also take great pride in carefully curating Spotify playlists. Whether it be whipping up a new recipe, trying a new restaurant, or falling in love with a new playlist song or artist, you'll be hearing about the food that's making my belly happy and the music that I can't stop singing (poorly). 

I have a few guiding philosophies from my personal life that will be infused in this blog: 

  • Positivity only: With enough negativity in this world, I will try to provide more positivity and light. While I might provide my personal viewpoint on something and it may have a hint of criticism here and there, my main goal is highlight awesome things, people, places, and concepts. If you disagree with something, say so respectfully--Remember people online are still people. 
  • Learn something new everyday: My hope in sharing my stories and experiences is that I can help others learn, but it also my opportunity to explore, reflect, and learn things as well. If you have something you think I need to feature or discuss on my blog, please send it my way! 

I can't wait to share with you and I hope you enjoy. Stay tuned for more!