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I've loved learning since kindergarten, maybe even before that. My love for learning has not gone away. After completing my undergraduate studies at Chapman University and my master's in higher education at the University of Arizona, I went back for round three and am pursuing my doctoral degree in higher education leadership and policy at Vanderbilt University.

My love for learning doesn’t stop at my educational pursuits. As an international speaker, author, podcast host, special projects manager, and consultant, my goal is to help others learn, grow, and succeed. How can I help you or your organization?

In 2013, I started researching Generation Z and how they will impact the landscape of higher education. Since then, I’ve co-authored three books about Generation Z and launched a podcast to help share the stories, insights, and experiences of Generation Z. While my work with Generation Z started in the field of education, the findings have spanned into other industries as Gen Z begins to enter the workplace.

Beyond my work researching Generation Z, I use my background in curriculum design, research, assessment, leadership studies, and program and project management to work with clients and partners to improve individual practices and develop organizational strategies. If you or your organization is ready to learn, grow, and improve, let’s work together.



MY GEN Z Story

In 2013, Dr. Corey Seemiller and I started our journey studying Generation Z with conversations at our staff retreat. What started as a few Google searches, turned into our first study, the Generation Z Goes to College study, in 2014 to better understand the post-Millenial generation. The Generation Z Goes to College study engaged 1200+ Generation Z college students from 15 institutions across the country. The findings of our study led to our book, Generation Z Goes to CollegeIn 2017, we launched our second study, the Generation Z Stories Project, a qualitative study that collected 2,200+ open-ended responses from members of Generation Z. The Generation Z Stories Project findings will be included in our coming work. 

As we continue to learn and write, we love working with professionals, companies, and organizations who want to learn more about Generation Z. 

Stay Up to Date with OUR WORK.

Corey and I share our current work, upcoming events, news, and publications on our website, TheGenZHub.com. Stay tuned for some upcoming work soon! 


There's no doubt that Corey and I love talking about Generation Z. But those conversations don't have to end when the presentation session is over. Follow us on Twitter and continue the conversation about Gen Z. 



Whether learning takes place in a classroom, at a conference, during an event, or in your office, I aim to help others enhance their practice and improve the organizations in which they work.  My professional focus areas include: 

  • Curriculum design
  • Program development and management
  • Assessment and evaluation
  • Strategic project planning and goal setting
  • Leadership education and training
  • Event design, planning, and management

As a speaker, I focus on presenting research findings on Generation Z to lead to the development of informed strategies and practice. Sessions are customized to suit the interests and needs of each group with whom I work. Some of my previous sessions include: 

  • "Making Greater Learning Possible for Generation Z" at the Chapman University Institute for Excellence in Teaching and Learning. 
  • "Generation Z: Planning for the Post-Millennial Generation" at the Society for College and University Planning Annual Meeting and SCUP Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference
  • "Marketing to Generation Z" at the Fraternity Communications Association Annual Meeting
  • "The Generation Z Greek Experience" at the Fraternity Executive's Association Annual Meeting and Alpha Sigma Tau staff training
  • "Generation Z in Art & Design" at the National Association for Schools of Art & Design Annual Meeting
  • "Mentoring & Advising Generation" for Phi Sigma Sigma, Alpha Omicron Pi, and Alpha Sigma Alpha volunteer and advisor trainings
  • "Who is Generation Z?" for Mississippi State University, National College Testing Association, Georgia College Testing Association, Delta Zeta, and Council for Unions and Student Programs. Keynote for the National College Testing Association annual meeting
  • "Generation Z Goes to College" at the Danish Institute of Study Abroad faculty seminar, Career Development Professionals of Indiana spring conference, and the Association of Equipment Management Professional's annual meeting, and Unisinos Porto Alegre staff and faculty session. 




Dr. Corey Seemiller and I are thrilled to share the news of our upcoming book, Generation Z: A Century in the Making, which delves into nearly every aspect of the lives of Generation Z. Juxtaposed with the generations that came before them, this book provides insight on the motivations, perspectives, concerns, values, and behaviors of Generation Z as students, children, family members, community members, and organization members.

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Co-authored by Dr. Corey Seemiller and I, Generation Z Goes to College, focuses on the post-Millennial cohort of students. This book highlights research findings about Gen Z and how they will influence college and universities. It provides strategies for educators and administrators to successfully educate, engage, and empower Generation Z students.  

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Corey and I discussed Generation Z implications for campus professionals and provide insights for enhancing practice on the college campus. 

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Check out this three-part feature in the Sigma Phi Epsilon Fall 2016 Journal: 

MG On the GO

I'm so blessed that my work allows me to do one of my favorite things--travel and connect with incredible people all over the U.S. and abroad. You can check my availability, keep up with who I’m working with, and where I'm heading next.

If I'm heading to your city, drop me a line so we can grab some coffee!