Episode 7: Entrepreneurship

This episode dives into entrepreneurship, innovation, and inspiring Generation Z's big ideas. Haley Hoffman Smith shares her experiences in engaging in entrepreneurship at a young age and how she works to empower and support entrepreneurs through her work as the author of Her Big Idea and the Director of Community for the Next Gen Summit. We talk about finding passion, supporting one another, and aspiring towards our Big Ideas. 

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Episode 6: Post-Grad Plans Part 2

This is the second half of the two-part series on Generation Z's post-graduate plans after K-12 education. In this episode, Aisha Kassim, a rising college sophomore shares her experience of choosing to attend college, her college search process, and her experience since enrolling. She also shares her insights on her Generation Z peers and their attitude of determination. 

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Episode 5: Post-Grad Plans Part 1

This episode the first half of a two-part series focusing on Post-Grad Plans and Gen Z's perspectives on life beyond K-12 education. In this episode, Jack Brennan, a recent high school graduate, shares his story of forgoing college to pursue his professional career full-time. But he didn't wait until graduation to do so. He shares his insights on working full-time as a high school student, forging his own path, where he has found support, and the assets of Generation Z new professionals. 

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Episode 4: (Team) Gen Z Went to Brazil!


If you've been following along on my social media, you might have noticed I took a trip to Brazil last month. While I love some international vacation time, going to Brazil was actually Gen Z-related! Corey and I recently collaborated on some Generation Z  research with a team in Brazil.

In this episode, we chat about how it all started and reflected on the time we spent in Brazil. Between fascinating research, the wonderful people we met, and the beautiful culture of Brazil, it was an experience like none other. 


Episode 3: Gen Z and Social Media

I recently chatted about social media with a member of Generation Z. It wasn't all about selfies and Snapchat filters. But we did chat about changing platform popularity, misconceptions of social media use, finding community, authenticity, being vulnerable, and creating change online. 

Natalie Riso, a member of Generation Z and content marketing strategist, joins me on this episode to share about her insights and experiences with growing up in the digital age of social media

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#GenZ Episode 3: Gen Z & Social Media is now available on Apple Podcast & RadioPublic.

#GenZ is now available!

#GenZ is live! I'm so excited to share the first two episodes of the podcast. I will be uploading each episode here, as well as on iTunes and RadioPublic...Spotify is in the works so stay tuned! 

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