Episode 18: Mental Health

The media paints Generation Z as the most anxious and depressed generation to date. But are they really? This episode features Cassanora Lampley, who has supported Generation Z's mental health in a variety of environments. She shares insights on the mental health trends among members of Generation Z and how those who work with Generation Z can best support their mental health and personal wellbeing.

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Episode 9: Microgenerations Part 1-Big Z's

In the first part of this two-part series, we begin to dive into the concept of microgenerations. Kicking off the conversation, my guests include three members of Generation Z who fall within the "Big Z" age-range being some of the oldest in the generational cohort. This conversation covers a variety of topics to gain perspectives on how some of the oldest in Generation Z may view the world so we can compare these views in part 2 with the views of "Little Z's", or the youngest in the generational cohort. 

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Episode 7: Entrepreneurship

This episode dives into entrepreneurship, innovation, and inspiring Generation Z's big ideas. Haley Hoffman Smith shares her experiences in engaging in entrepreneurship at a young age and how she works to empower and support entrepreneurs through her work as the author of Her Big Idea and the Director of Community for the Next Gen Summit. We talk about finding passion, supporting one another, and aspiring towards our Big Ideas. 

Episode 7 is also available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and RadioPublic

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Episode 6: Post-Grad Plans Part 2

This is the second half of the two-part series on Generation Z's post-graduate plans after K-12 education. In this episode, Aisha Kassim, a rising college sophomore shares her experience of choosing to attend college, her college search process, and her experience since enrolling. She also shares her insights on her Generation Z peers and their attitude of determination. 

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