Eats and Beats: Zoodles & LUTHI

Whose excited for the first Eats and Beats post? I am! And I hope you are too! Eats and Beats is a series that focuses on two of my most favorite things: food and music. I’ll be featuring some aspect of food (recipe, restaurant, etc.) along with the music I can’t stop playing lately and finding connection between the two. As my mother described it: "It's like wine pairings, but for food and music".

DISCLAIMER #1: I'm not a recipe blogger or a musician, just a lover of good food and great tunes. I'll share a lot of other people's recipes (but always give credit) and shout out to some great artists. 

Over the last few weeks I’ve been rocking out to an awesome new recipe and fell in love with a new band. As many my close friends know, I started the Whole30 at the beginning of 2017. I learned more than I could ever imagine about food, my health, and making good food choices. It completely opened my eyes to food so I’ve tried to stay as close to Whole30 as possible when I'm cooking at home. DISCLAIMER #2: You’ll hear a lot about Whole30 and healthy substitutions when I cook. #NotSorry

I have been wanting to try Avocado Pesto Zoodles for awhile now so here we go…

I’ll put pesto on just about anything I can make an excuse for. I came across Eat Yourself Skinny’s Avocado Pesto Zoodles on Pinterest and I’m in love. It’s a super easy recipe that you can customize for one or two people or a larger group. Note: You do need some sort of food processor or high-powered blender for the pesto. I used my Nutribullet and it worked perfectly.

Spiralizing vegetables into noodles seems to be all the rage and I’m not mad about it. I highly recommend it for a low-to-no-carb, gluten-free substitution for pasta. It takes almost the same amount of time (probably less) as boiling water and cooking pasta. I personally don’t find there to be a huge difference in taste either. If you don’t have a spiralizer, I’m seeing more pre-spiralized veggies in the produce and pre-made section at grocery stores. I tossed my spiralized zucchini noodles with some olive oil and sautéed for about 5-7 minutes.  Then, added some avocado pesto and stirred on low for 2 or so minutes. From pesto to spiralizing to sauté, this recipe takes maybe 20 minutes. It’s a creamy and light dish that would go great with grilled chicken. 

As I cook, I love to listen to music. I typically throw on a random playlist on Spotify, but I recently saw LUTHI play at the Basement East. I went to the show not knowing who LUTHI was, but left immediately adding songs to my Spotify playlists on the way home. While I’m cooking, driving, or getting work done, LUTHI has been my go-to lately. Their vibe is upbeat and electric meets brass band. From their catchy MGMT-Passion Pit crossover summery beats to their AWESOME saxophonist, LUTHI is straight up feel good music. Their song "Every Body" makes me want to throw on some vintage-y shades and hang out with friends by a pool. I was so into LUTHI at their show, I forgot to take any video or pictures. Shame on me, but go check them out on Spotify

The theme for this week’s Eats and Beats is “Light and Hard Not to Love”. Avocado pesto zoodles and LUTHI are my recipe for a great summer evening. 

Fire up that sauté pan and crank up your speakers